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    Hi everybody,

    For the past 6 months, I’ve been running a blog at www.thestayathomegringo.blogspot.com. I want to keep that blog going, for anyone who doesn’t want to come all the way to the Panama For Real site just for blog updates. However, as I’ve posted a lot of important info, and info that helps readers get to know me, my family, and my Panama For Real team, I think it’s important to bring some of the blog posts over here to the Panama For Real site, so you’ll see dates at the top that aren’t accurate (as some of these were written as far back as August of 2012). Just bare with me as I slowly bring the posts over to Panama For Real. Thanks for reading.

    Also, I’m going to put all personal blog info and just random thoughts and info into the category to the right that says “Extra Tidbits.” You’ll start to see my version of news stories in Panama here as well. I’ll categorize those in the “Know the Now (Panama News” category. So if you only want to read news stories, click on that category in the sidebar on the right side of this page. Likewise, if you don’t want to bother with the news and only want my regular blog stuff, click on Extra Tidbits.


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