Costa del Este, Panama, VIDEO Report

Thanks for checking out the Panama For Real video report on Volcan, Panama. After watching the video, don’t forget to check out the written report located here: Costa del Este Written Report.

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  1. Jess says:

    That was awesome Chris!! Can’t wait to see if you do cerro azul or lake alajuela madden lake area. That’s were we are looking right now 😉

    • Chris says:

      Hey Jess,

      Thanks so much for watching the video. I’m definitely planning to do Cerro Azul. I like Cerro Azul a lot. It will be a short one though as there’s not a whole lot up there other than housing and a mini-super. Don’t worry though, I can’t wait to take a trip back up the mountain. I don’t know anything about the Lake Alajuela area so thanks for putting that on my radar.


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