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    Ok, I try to be lighthearted and funny in my posts, but this one might tick some people off…hopefully not politicians with any crime-lord buddies.  

    All joking aside, let’s let the jokes begin. With the election season going strong, I couldn’t help but notice the political propaganda on every light post in every neighborhood of Panama City. The pictures of politicians doing their best knuckles-to-chin smile are everywhere. It’s no different from the signs slammed down into the front lawns of so many homes across America, or in any other country. Well, it is kind of different, and that’s what this post is all about. 

    I’m honestly so entertained by these political posters. I look forward to them. At every traffic light, I’m like a kid in a candy store, looking left and right to see the posters. One guy has his dog on the poster with him and another, bless his heart, literally looks like his picture was taken lying down in a coffin. He kind of looks like the old priest from the second Poltergeist movie. I’m glad I don’t remember his name because it would just be mean to post it here.

    Update! I just found the photo of the guy with the dog. Here it is!

    Something else I love about the posters is how serious the candidates are in their photos, but how unserious their names are. They use nicknames here. And the nicknames are awesome.

    Like this one in the photo above. He might be the most qualified candidate in all of Panama City, possibly the most qualified in the whole country, but the “Lin” nickname cracks me up.  

    “Hey, Jimmy, you gonna vote for Nodiel?” 


    “Nodiel. Nodiel Nay. Lin?” 

    “Oh, Lin! Yeah! We went to grade school togetha!”

    This guy, “DJ Black” has got balls, man. Unless your name was Donald James and you grew up with the nickname DJ and your last name was Black (which would make this totally okay), it’s just a strange thing to put on a political poster. Right? Can you imagine Chris “DJ Skittles” Powers for Mayor? Barrack “Scratchmaster J” Obama? Hahaha.  

    Man, if this guy reads this, he’s gonna hate my guts. Ricardo, DJ, I’m sorry man. Don’t take any of this personally. This is all just for fun. I hope you win and you’re the best Diputado of 8-8 the world has ever seen.

    This one is great not only because the dude on the right is wearing the most pimped out suit in all of politics but also because his nickname is “Dicky Ranking.” His nickname is longer than his real name. I’ve never heard of that before. I salute you, Dicky Ranking.


    And Popeye. At first I thought his real name was Popeye, but then I saw him on a different poser and it had his real name with “Popeye” as the nickname. Truth is, I’d vote for any of these guys just cause they have the guts to be normal, average Joes. Good luck guys! 

    So, when you’re out in the dreadful Panama traffic, don’t let it get you down. Just look around and get a kick at some of the posters on the light posts.  

    Man, you’d really think I have a lot of time on my hands, huh?  

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4 Responsesso far.

  1. Roger says:


    Let me give you some hints about the nicknames used by people entering into politics and running for a public position in a future government.

    Looks like the people in charge of giving the politicians advice on ads, publicity had started the trend to use nicknames in their posters. The reason, well seems like nicknames will give a familiar or more “people like you” approach of the politicians. They wanted to be perceived as a man from your neighborhood not a well suited, dark and cold politicians.

    There is a Humorous TV show of Panama that make jokes of those posters and the nicknames used.

    The guy that looks like the priest of Poltergeist is an old politician named Dennis that should retire from politics but he wants to keep cashing from public positions.

    • Chris says:

      Hey, good to see you on here again, Roger. That makes perfect sense, and I’m sure the guy with the dog is getting all the pet lovers’ votes. Ha, it’s funny that you knew exactly who I was talking about when I mentioned the guy who looks like the priest on Poltergeist. I know you live in the same area that I do, so I’m sure you’ve seen his posters up all over the place.

  2. Alyce Rodriguez says:

    Ha, ha! I’m going to have to start looking at all the political posters from your point of view now. Whereas all I saw as was an aggravating eyesore, I’m going to now look at them as a one scene comic strip, kinda like a Far Side. Thanks!

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