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  1. Luna says:

    Hi, Chris

    firstly, thanks for all your works about Panama. My husband was assigned to work there from Jan 2016. So, we all family members will move there. husband’s colleagues are all living in Punta pacifica, but our budject seems to be very tight for there. so we are considering about living in Costa del este. your written report about costa del este is very helpful for me.

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Chris,

    I sent you a message yesterday about possibly opening an international school in Panama. I was wondering if you received it or if this was the right place to do it. Was also wondering if you do any advertising and what your fees are.

    Tony (from Canada)

  3. Segundo says:

    Forgot to mention we both speak spanish as our native tongue, so language when looking for a place isnt a concern.

  4. Segundo says:

    Hi there!
    First of all thanks for putting all this amazing info together.
    Im gonna go to Panama City on Oct-Nov of this year with my gf (we are both around 25 yrs old) and we are planning to “rent” a place for a month or so, somewhere hopefully with utility bills included. Do you have any recommendatios for not so expensive areas, webpages to look for this kind of accomodation/listings or anything that could help us?
    Thanks in advance

  5. kenna says:

    Hi. I’ve been looking at your website and have found it interesting. I wanted to view the small town videos but the web says they are Not Found. Could you tell me why they are Not Found. I live in Pedasi right now. We have also lived near Dolega. Both places have been enjoyable for us. Right now we are looking to find some land with a house on it to begin our own little finca. We want to grow our own food. Produce, eggs, chickens, goats and fruit trees. Do you know where would be a good place to look to find a great agricultural place that is neither too hot
    (like Pedasi) nor too cold ( like high up on
    Mt. Baru)
    Really enjoyed
    reading your articles
    about dating in Panama and the 15 weird things about Panama. I could relate to all of them.
    Keep writing Chris.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Kenna,

      Sorry to hear you’ve had some issues with finding info on our website. It might be because I moved some stuff around on the site. The menu at the top of the page was getting awfully crowded so I needed to tidy up. Hopefully that hasn’t caused any problems.

      To find those videos, just check out the new tab in the menu up top labeled “All PFR Video Reports” then look for PFR Location Report Videos, then Small Town Videos and in its submenu you should see Aguadulce, Penonomé, and Panama Pacifico, which are the only ones I’ve covered so far.

      Or here are the current links to those videos:



      I didn’t post the link for Panama Pacifico because I don’t think that’s really a place you’d be able to farm your land. At least not the way you’re hoping to.

      For what you’re looking to establish, I’d probably take a look at Penonomé or maybe even the Rio Hato area (not the resort side of town, but near the actual town of Rio Hato). The last time I visited Rio Hato, I was taken on a little tour to a watermelon farm, a sugarcane farm, a shrimp farm, and even to a lady’s house who was growing just about every kind of fruit and vegetable you can imagine on her land. Not sure how the prices are in that area with the new airport so close by, but it’s worth checking out. Penonomé has a lot of open space too. As far as temperatures go, I’m honestly not sure. To me, most of Panama seems really hot until it’s cold. I’m not sure what would be good for you as far as being in between. Oh, another place worth checking out, where there’s a lot of land, is the Azuero Peninsula. Las Tablas is one of the most affordable (because it’s one of the more third-world) areas I’ve visited. They say that side of the Azuero is considered the dry arch though so I don’t know how that would affect farming. I did see open fincas or lots for sale when I visited.

      Hope some of this helps and thanks again for checking out our website!


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