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We’re doing our thing, constantly adding new reports, posts, tips, and videos to the site and we’re hoping you’ll take advantage of the open space in the sidebar. People need to know about your Panama-based business. They’re either already living here or planning to visit or move here and they…we…all need to know about new businesses that might make our “living overseas adventure” a little bit easier. I’m asked all the time about doctors, hotels, car rental companies, things to do with the kids, the best restaurants, tour companies, relocation companies…you name it, I’ve been asked about it.

So get involved with this site and put your ad in our sidebar and videos.

If you’d like to advertise your business or services on the Panama For Real website, just contact me at and let me know. Then, you’ll just need to provide me with either an ad image and the site you’d like it to link to, or provide me with the HTML code, whichever works best for you.

If you’d like to advertise your business or services on the next Panama For Real location report video or Kidpats video, we can do that too. You’ll just need to provide us with a large enough image.

Here are the prices for advertising on Panama For Real, and to make it super easy for us all, payments are done through Paypal.

$100 per month for a 250×250 box ad


Right now, while the site and Youtube channel are still young, we’re offering 5 seconds of ad space (showing whatever image you give us), at the beginning of the video, for $250. This isn’t a monthly fee. It’s a one time fee that will last for the life of the video. So if Youtube keeps the video up for the next 10 years, you’ve only paid $250 for 10 years of ad space. That’s nuts!

Plus, we’ll put your company’s contact info in the Youtube description below the video. 

So let’s do this. Get in touch and let’s get your ad up for all to see.



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5 Responsesso far.

  1. Eduardo Rubio says:

    Hi Chris i would like to advertise a restaurant, a place where the people for around the world and in panama can use for reunions and events like courses and group speechs . i want to make my restaurant a convention center .. we can do publicity booth ways maybe… let me know!

    • Chris says:

      Hi Eduardo,

      I’m about to start working on Panama for Real again and changing a few things so I’ll add you to a contact list and reach out to you once I get started. Thanks so much for contacting me.

  2. Dan says:

    Please visit my website leave a comment shop ask whatever

    Panama native living abroad, 1988 Rakkasans

    Fort Clayton

    No Ground to Give

    Hoaaah !!!

    Jump into the sky…yeahhhhh

  3. Louis Seldon says:

    My question is when you are in Panama why eat at McDonald’s, Fridays, Bennigan’s, KFC, etc. when Mi Ranchito, Costa Azul, Jimmy’s, Bon Profit, Babloa Yacht Club, etc. for some Panama food & it seems I eat covina (fish) most of the time with fried yuca.

    • Chris says:

      Ha, great point. I have 4 kids remember. And I have to admit, I do get tired of eating only Panamanian food. I love Panamanian food, but every once in awhile I need a burger or ribs or wings. It’s the kids who love McDonalds. We mostly only go to KFC so the kids can play in the play area.

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