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  1. Michael Guterman says:

    I have just read a blog – expats forum- about a rash of crime, 14 robberies in the last two weeks involving Expats – In Coronado. What is your take on this?


    • Chris says:

      Hi Michael,

      This is an excellent question and one that should be addressed, as you’re right, there have been reports about violence. I’m going to check into it a little more and come back to this comment later, but from what I’ve seen online, most of these attacks have been spread out over many years. Plus, a lot of the reports are coming from people in other areas, especially in other beach areas. I just read a quote from one of the developers at Playa Blanca about crime in Coronado. Well…if you’re trying to sell homes in Playa Blanca (a resort community), your’e going to bad mouth the other beach areas. What scares people more than a rash of violent crimes?

      Crime was mentioned in one of the FB groups the other day and someone living in the Coronado area immediately came to the rescue, claiming that she lives there and most of the issues mentioned happened a long time ago.

      I don’t live there, so I need to reach out to my Coronado friends. If any of you reading this want to reply, that would be awesome.

      From what I understand, the Coronado community is very close and everyone keeps their eyes open for suspicious activity. There is a manned security entrance at Coronado and a police station parked right next to it. Does this mean no one can sneak into Coronado? Of course not. There are plenty of other ways to get in, I’m sure, but it helps deter crime. The fact is, no matter where you’re living, whether it’s in Alabama, Peru, Italy, or Panama, you need to safeguard your home. You should have outdoor motion lights, an alarm system, a gun if you’re comfortable with that. It’s no different from anywhere else in the world. You need to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings.

      If you’re moving to Coronado and planning to live in one of the high rise condos, I’m sure you’ll be even safer, as most, if not all, will have 24-hour security.

      So, Michael, I can only speak what I know, so I’ll try to reply again once I hear back from some Coronado friends. But I don’t think it’s as bad as all of the Coronado haters are making it out to be.


  2. Charles wooldridge says:

    Look to visit soon.

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