Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities

I started this website with the intention of just giving people free information to help with their decision to either make the move to Panama or scratch if off their list. As this site has grown and as I continue to receive tons of emails and website comments, I’m realizing there’s a need for something more. Not everyone is moving here on a tight budget. Some are actively searching for ways to invest their money in this country. Some just want to own a home here. So, I’m dedicating this page to investment opportunities in Panama.

The plan is that I’ll start visiting real estate projects and other money making opportunities so that I can pass that info on to you. As you already know, I’m no financial guru. I’m just an average guy living here. So I’ll do my best to find potential projects for you, but you need to do the due diligence to make sure it’s right for you. Make sure you speak with the people behind these projects, do some research on the companies presented, and trust your gut. 

That said, this is a new page so bear with us while we add information to it. Be sure to check back often to see what’s on offer.

To anyone wishing to be featured in this investment opportunities section of our website, please get in touch at so we can schedule a time for me to come out and see what you have to offer. 

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