The Real Supermarket Prices in Panama

I’ve written a lot about supermarket shopping here in Panama, to include shopping tips and some of the differences you might find when shopping here. In this page, I just want to simply lay out the actual costs of groceries in Panama City. Now, keep in mind that prices change all the time and you might find some things to be a little more expensive or even less expensive, depending on which area of the country and even which neighborhood in the city you reside.

Towns that are closer to the dairy farms will probably find milk to be a little more affordable. Also, as I’ve explained in my cost of living article and in other reports, these are the prices in a supermarket. You can pick up fresh produce, fish, and even chicken from vendors on the street in most towns and save a great deal of money.

As the following chart mentions, all prices are in U.S. dollars. I apologize in advance for the constantly changing units of measurement. I go from ounces to grams to pounds to liters to quarts to milliliters to kilograms…all over the place. As you’ll see, there are a lot of items on this list, and the time it would take to break them all down into the same units of measurement would just be ridiculous. So, I simply wrote down whatever was on the package. The following prices were taken from the Rey supermarket in Chanis on Jan. 10, 2014. 

ItemBrandAdditional InfoSizePriceNotes
DeodorantLady's Speed Stick45g$2.89Avg. price of deodorant seems to be $3.
DeodorantMen's Speed Stick50g$2.89
RazorsGillette Prestobarba35 pack$5.59
ShampooHead and Shoulders2 in 1400ml $6.29
Shampoo or ConditionerHerbal Essences 300ml$4.29
Shampoo or conditionerDove400ml$6.19
Bath SoapDial3 pack$2.29
Bath SoapProtex3 pack$2.39
Bath SoapPalmolive3 pack$2.15 Yes, Palmolive makes bath soap...and shampoo here
ToothpasteColgateTotal 1275ml$2.79
ToothpasteOral BComplete100ml$1.89
Adult diapersPlentitudSize Medium20 pack$19.49
Adult diapersTenaSize Large10 pack$10.49
Feminine hygiene padsSabaDaily45 pack$2.89
Feminine hygiene padsSabaOvernight10 pack$2.59
Feminine hygieneKotex Overnight8 pack$1.79
Feminine hygieneAlwaysReg. Dry Liners50 pack$4.79
Paper towelsBrawny3 rolls$5.97
Paper towelsBounty2 rolls$4.69
Paper towelsScott Multiuso2 rolls$2.15
Paper towelsDelux2 rolls$1.79
Toilet paperFamilia AcolchadoMega4 rolls$2.79
Toilet paperScottMega4 rolls$2.99
Laundry DetergentPurex25 loads, liquid50oz$5.79
Laundry DetergentTide26 loads, liquid50oz$10.69
Laundry DetergentEsePowder1,260g$3.69
BleachCloroxLiquid1 gallon$2.99
Floor cleanerPine-Sol28oz or 709ml$2.39
Floor cleanerFabuloso900ml$1.89
Cleaning agentFormula 409946ml or 32oz$3.99
Dish soapSipTub 1,000g$2.39It's common to use this tub of dish paste here
Baby wipesHuggiesNatural Care56 pack$3.15
Baby wipesNiveaSoft and Cream63 pack$4.59Who makes a 63 pack, honestly? How odd.
DiapersPampersMedium size72 pack$18.89
DiapersHuggiesActive, size 230 pack$13.15
DiapersPampersBaby Dry, size 234 pack$11.19
DiapersPequeñinSize 224 pack$7.15
FormulaEnfamilPremium, Number 2900g$25.49
FormulaSimilacNumber 1400g$13.99
Baby FoodGerberBanana113g$.69
Baby FoodGerberChicken and vegetable113g$.79
Baby FoodBeech NutBanana113g.93
Dog FoodPedigreeVital Protection2.2kg or 4.4lbs$7.99
Dog FoodPurinaBeneful1.59kg or 3.5lbs$10.15
Dog FoodHappy DogPuppy4kg or 8.8lbs$11.89
Cat FoodWhiskas500g$2.89
Cat FoodMeow MixSeafood Medley510g$3.15
SugarSanta RosaWhite 5lbs$3.29
SugarSanta RosaBrown5lbs$2.79
Artificial SweetenerSplenda100 packets$6.96
Artificial SweetenerNevella50 packets$2.94
Artificial SweetenerEqual50 packets$2.79
OatmealEl Molino Criollo1lb$1.55
CerealApple Jacks17oz or 418g$6.49
CerealHoney Bunches of Oatswith Almonds14.5oz or 411g$4.29
CerealFruity Pebbles11oz or 311g$3.89
CerealZucaritas Panamanian name for Frosted Flakes510g$4.15
CerealHoney Nut CheeriosThe Nestle version12.2oz or 347g$4.29
BreadTasty ChoiceWhite BreadLg loaf 600g$1.80
BreadTasty ChoiceWheat BreadLg loaf 600g$2.00
BreadBimboWheat BreadLg loaf 700g$2.00
ChipsDoritos7oz or 197.4g$3.79
ChipsLays Sour Cream and Onion6.5oz or 184.2g$3.19
FlourGold Mills5lbs$2.69
PancakesAunt JemimaButtermilk Complete907g$3.69
RiceDel Oro5lbs$3.25
RiceBlue Ribbon5lbs$8.79
Ramen Noodle SoupMaruchan85g typical ramen pack of soup$.27Ramen is dirt cheap, even in Panama
SaltPanasal2lbs$.26This is a bag of salt, not in a shaker
MayonnaiseMiracle Whip15oz$2.49
Red Kidney BeansNutritos1lb$1.45
Red Kidney BeansAmapola1lb$1.39
Cooking OilPure WessonCanola64oz or 2qts$8.39
Cooking OilWestcottVegetable48oz or 1.5qts$4.79
Cooking OilWestcottCanola48oz or 1.5qts$5.49
Canned VegetablesLigoMixed vegetables15oz$1.29
Canned VegetablesLigoCorn15oz$1.25
Canned VegetablesDel MonteCorn15oz$1.09
KetchupMaggi794g$2.69local brand
Spaghetti SauceRaguMushroom23.9oz jar$3.59Reg size jar
Spaghetti SaucePregoMushroom24oz jar$4.39
Spaghetti SauceLigoMushroom24oz can$1.79
SpaghettiAgnesi500g or 17.6oz $1.85
SpaghettiLa Suprema454g$.85
SpaghettiLa Parmigiana454g$.83
Mac and CheeseKraftRegular box7.5oz$1.19
Mac and CheeseVelveetaRegular box12oz$3.59
Saltine CrackersPremium453g or 1lb$3.89
Saltine CrackersSaltin Noel309g$1.55
CookiesNilla Wafers311g$3.29
Ice CreamBreyers1.5qt or 1.41lb$9.69
Ice CreamBlue Bunny1.5qt or 1.41lb$10.19
Ice CreamEstrella Azul.5 gallon$3.89
ButterBlue Bonnet45oz$5.39
CheeseBordenShredded mild cheddar8oz or 2 cups$4.29
CheeseBorden American slices24 slices$3.95
CheeseKraftAmerican slices12 slices$3.89
EggsToledanoMedium size1 dozen$2.29
EggsMeloMedium size1 dozen$2.19
EggsMeloJumbo size1 dozen$2.29
TunaPort SideIn water5oz or 142g can$1.35
TunaStarkistIn vegetable oil6oz or 170g can$2.39
TunaCalvoIn vegetable oil5.6 oz or 160g can$1.95
Hot dogsKiener10 pack$2.29
Hot dogsArmourFrankfurters10 pack$2.39
Hot dogsHormelFrankfurters10 pack$2.89
MeatLow-fat ground beef$8.19/kg
MeatRopa Vieja$6.49/kg
MeatPulpa negra$7.20/kg
FishCorvina fillete$9.15/kg
Red grapes$3.85/kg
Pears, regular$2.69/kg
Apples, gala$2.89/kg
Oranges, fancy$4.29/kg
Green Pepper$3.29/kg
Green Onion$9.98/kg
Yellow Onion$1.99/kg
White Onion$3.25/kg
SodaCoca Cola2 liter$1.99
MilkLa Chiricana32oz or 1qt$1.29
MilkDos PinosDekactomy, lactose-free1L $1.69
MilkDoro1 Gallon$4.89
CoffeeCafe DuranRegular425g$5.19
CoffeeCafe SittonRegular425g$5.19
CoffeeCafe Palo AltoRegular212g$3.39
CoffeeNescafeInstant200g (large)$8.69
CoffeeCafe DuranInstant170g (large)$7.89
JuiceDel MonteVarious946ml$1.29
JuiceOld OrchardGrapeHalf gallon or 64oz$4.39
JuiceTropicanaOrange59oz, 1.75L, or 1.8qt$4.49
JuiceEstrella AzulOrange1 gallon$4.69
BeerPanama and Panama LightLocal12oz can/bottle$.57 can, $.88 bottle
BeerAtlasLocal12oz can/bottle$.57 can, $.88 bottle
BeerBalboaLocal12oz can/bottle$.57 can, $.88 bottle
BeerCoors Light12oz can$.69
Beer Presidente12oz can/bottle$.88
BeerHamms12oz can $.65
BeerMiller12oz can$.87
BeerBudweiser12oz can$.88
BeerCorona12oz can/bottle$1.29
Beer Old Milwaukee12oz can$.59
BeerHeineken12oz can/bottle$.85 can, $.88 bottle
WineCarlo RossiRed/white/etc.1.5L$7.39Sorry I only know the cheap stuff
WineArbor MistVarious750ml$4.15
RumRon Abuelo1L$9.99
RumBacardi White980ml$10.69
SecoSeco Herrerano1L$8.39
WhiskeyJim Beam750ml$18.69
WhiskeyJack Daniels1L29.79

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  1. Carolyn Shelton says:

    HOLY SMOKE!!! These grocery prices are terribly HIGH! I heard that prices were cheaper in Panama … but I admit I AM severely budget-minded. Goodness!

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