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I’ve met a lot of people during my travels, but some of the most informative writers around are the other bloggers, expats and Panamanians. Why? Because these people aren’t earning anything from the info they’re sharing. They tell you about their move or their home renovation or their holiday experience because they want to, not because they might gain a quick buck.

These people love telling people about their adventures and it’s through these trials and tribulations that we can all learn a great deal. Sometimes it prevents us from making some of the same mistakes. Expat bloggers are kind of like our training wheels. We learn as much as possible from their successes and horror stories so that we can finally take off those training wheels and start pedaling our expat feet. So, please, check out these other great bloggers’ sites.

A woman, a plan, a canal…Living in Panama!


Emma Cohen-Joppa

Emma’s an international music educator, who’s always seeking new adventures and new stamps on her passport.  Join Emma at her site, where she tells you all about her living in Panama adventure.

The Panama Adventure


Kris and Joel

Kris and her husband Joel retired from Florida USA to David, Chiriqui, Panama. The blog is about their new experiences in their new home.

Let The Adventure Begin!

Holly and Scott


My blog, “Let The Adventure Begin” is a blog about our new life living in the Highlands of Panama, in a beautiful small town called Boquete. I began writing about our process from the very beginning, when we were still trying to decide what country would check off most of the things we knew would make us happy. I share, and continue to share, my experiences of adapting to a new culture, making new friends, getting health insurance, buying cars, buying property and now building our house, and all the many, many other things that we’ve gone through to settle into our new home here in Boquete, Panama.  Mostly, I write this blog to keep all our friends and family informed and entertained, they love hearing about all the adventures in our life. But as time has gone by I’ve discovered a love for writing and I’m enjoying the interaction I get with other bloggers and with those who stumble onto my blog as they research making a similar move. We’re having our very own adventure and loving each new day.
In Da Campo



Karen has never been published and takes all of her photos with a point and shoot. She’s as real as it gets and she’s sharing her adventures living on the Azuero Peninsula in Pedasi. 


Along The Gringo Trail


Terry and Clyde

One day my husband Clyde approached me with the idea of early retirement IF we could find a place to live comfortably on his pension.  Did I want to work another 15 years or check out of the working world now and enjoy life?  I asked him, “where we going and when do we leave?”  Ok so the whole decision process really wasn’t that easy, but after much research we moved our lives to Panama for the adventure of a lifetime. Two lost gringo’s in a foreign world, with a language we didn’t understand.  Clyde suggested I start a blog so our kids and friends back in the states could follow along on our adventures.  A realistic story of two crazy gringo’s that submerged themselves in a different culture, a new language, and a totally different way of thinking about everything.

Come along with us on our journey as we begin a new chapter of our lives in Panama…along the gringo trail.


Our Third Life – Pedasi, Panama


Connie and Mikkel

My blog “Our Third Life-Pedasi, Panama” is about our adventures and experiences moving to and living in Panama. I started writing this mainly to share with our friends and family back in the US. It has also become an outlet to share with other expats living in Panama as well as those interested in visiting or moving to Panama. 




Allison and Ray

Ray and I have been married for twenty-five years and have one daughter, Carly.  While she was in college, we started discussing and researching our next move in life. Being empty nesters, we had a lot of time on our hands. While researching and with vacations to Panama, we started a blog. It explains more about us and how we came to the decision to make Panama our home in the summer of 2014.


Permanently Panama


Alice Beth

Permanently Panama is “hellbent on making Life Abroad accessible.” Written by 20-something expat Alice Beth, Permanently Panama offers a different perspective on what life in Panama is all about. The site, which floats somewhere between “youthful” and “cheeky,” is geared toward entrepreneurs, future and current expats, and anyone with a taste for the tropics.


Chiriquí Chatter


Don Ray Williams

I have resided in Chiriquí since March of 2003. Chiriquí Chatter is written in a journal format and reflects what is going on in my life. It contains my experiences, my interests, or what ever is on my mind at the moment.

I am the current warden in David, Chiriquí for the US Embassy in Panama City. All U.S. Embassy notices that are sent to me by the American Citizens Services unit are posted under ACS in the TAG Cloud on the right side of the blog. A Warden is a volunteer who assists with communication between the US Embassy and US citizens living abroad.


Boquete Panama Guide


Lee Zeltzer

We stumbled across Boquete while touring Panama. Boquete was a side trip on our path to La Amistad International Peace Park; we never made it to the park. We found Boquete in July 2006, sold our house and moved here in August 2006. An amazing transition in a very short time.

My wife left Boquete, it was not for her. I stayed and have created a new life. A life I am enjoying far more than my past.

Since I have been here, I have created a blog of my experiences that has become very popular, a rather unintended consequence, at www.boqueteguide.com.

I have now twice been elected by my neighbors to the lowest possible elected position in Panama. I am a Voice on the local water board. With this lofty position I have learned too much about water and bureaucracy in Panama. When you are an expat you think every hurdle is special and for you. When you are a official of an elected body you discover the problems are universal.

In 2007 I created http://www.boquetening.com a community forum to allow people to learn about the community. It now seems to have a life of it’s own and is highly recommended to potential tourists and people considering relocation. The site allows you to research years of experiences posted by others and ask questions of your own.


Panama Dude


Al McCullough

Relax, kick back, and enjoy the lighter side of Panama! I have a passion for comedy, have performed stand-up, and written comedic screenplays. If you would like a weekly sitcom of what life can be like in Panama then check out PanamaDude.com, dude!


Panama For Beginners


Michael Long

When Mike moved to Panama in February 2014 with his Panamanian wife, he had no idea what was awaiting him. He’s grown to love Panama, but moving to Panama was not without it’s adjustments. He started Panama for Beginners to provide honest insight and advice on what it is like to live in Panama as an expat. In addition to writing about his daily experiences, Mike writes restaurant reviews, travel guides, and covers Panama news that is relevant to the expat community.


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9 Responsesso far.

  1. Helene says:

    I just finished reading an article you wrote about your bus ride to Penonome. If you have any information to share I would be very interested, as we settled in El Valle de Anton, but without a car it is difficult to get around and a bit too quiet for us. We are living on a really low budget, my husband speaks Spanish. Your article was very informative. Thank you.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Helene,

      So you’re itching to get away from El Valle? I can totally understand that. I love El Valle, but yes, it’s very small, and I imagine you’d need to escape from time to time. From El Valle, you should be able to easily catch a bus to Albook in Panama City. I’m not sure what the cost is, but I know it’s only $2.50 to get from Coronado to Panama City, so I’m sure it wouldn’t cost more than $5 per person. Once you get to Albrook, you can buy a Metro train card and hop on the train to get to many areas of Panama City. Or just take another bus. You probably know this already, but Albrook Mall itself is full of fun things to do. You’ll find a hotel, a casino, a bowling alley, a movie theater, plus plenty of stores and restaurants. If you haven’t already, check out my article about traveling on the Metro train to see where it would take you if you decided to give it a try at Albrook station. Here’s that article: http://www.panamaforreal.com/nuts-bolts/transportation-in-panama/the-real-deal-on-traveling-on-panamas-first-metro-train/

      Thanks for reading, Helene, and thanks for commenting.


    • Chris says:

      Oh, Helene, I should have added that it’s easy to travel to other parts of the country as well. From El Valle you should be able to catch a bus to many other towns in Panama. I’m not sure what the bus system is like in El Valle, so if any other readers want to add anything, that would be great, but if you can’t get a direct bus to somewhere from El Valle, just take a bus to one of the other major towns like Penonomé, Santiago, Chitre, David…then go from there.


  2. Glen says:

    Chris, there are a lot of Xpats in Panama. Most are very excited about being here at first and share info. After awhile, you find out that most people do not appreciate all the nice info that is shared. Well, thats how I was. It is very difficult to get real information about Panama. Many who share the real information are criticised also. There is a lot to complain about in this country. You don’t hear the real information from blogs like International Living etc. They are what I call permabulls. They never describe anything resembling what it is really like to live here permanently. Sounds like you are doing a pretty good job. Thanx.

    • Chris says:

      Thanks again, Glen. Yeah, I definitely hear ya. I’ve gotten a little bit of that criticizing. I’ve been slammed on Facebook, in the comments here at the site, and in emails. Usually the people criticizing aren’t doing anything to help anyone else, instead, they spend their day beating other people down. I completely agree about not getting all the real information from the pay-for-retirement-info sites. Usually there’s some sort of investment they have in the place, so they paint it as rosy. I’m gonna try to keep it real. Thanks again, Glen, for checking out the site and for commenting. I really do appreciate it, man.

  3. niccole says:

    new blog for moms in the beach area to share ideas and blog about experiences.

  4. Another Blog by some newbies, Mikkel & Connie Moller. Moved to Pedasi, Panama on August 1, 2013 from Auburn, California. If you review the past Blogs it gives the whole story of how we came to be in Panama and how we are doing. Just spent 2 evenings this past weekend with fellow bloggers Karen of Pedasi and Kris/Joel when they visited Pedasi.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Mikkel and Connie. Thanks so much for your comment. I’d love to share your blog. I think Karen actually mentioned your blog to me. Do me a favor and send me an email with a photo you’d like displayed and a short description of your blog, and I’ll add it up top with the others. Just send it to chris@panamaforreal.com.

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