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If you grew up on the wild streets of New York City or loved the electricity that flowed through windy city Chicago, moving to the interior of Panama might be a jolt to your system. It’s quiet out there. Some might even say it’s too quiet. 

So don’t count out Panama City. This rapidly modernizing metropolis his home to many distinct neighborhoods, some right in the middle of the city and many more on the outskirts. Each with it’s own unique identity and appealing qualities, these are the places to be if you want to be plugged into it all. If you have a desire to be near “what’s happenin’,” then Panama City should have something to suit your needs.

Panama City’s unofficial compass. If you can see this building, you’ll never be lost.

In our monthly reports we’ll show you which hip and trendy neighborhood is a great place to stop for coffee and grab a fresh bagel. This is one of the safest areas to get out and walk in, where foreigners and locals get out on foot to take care of business or just to pass the time. Plus, it’s a short taxi ride away ($2) to the mall, casinos, banking district, or even the bay front Cinta Costera.

If you dig old architecture, you should check out what’s being called the Soho of Central America, the old town. We’ll show you how to get there and what this place is all about. This is the site of the new International Film Festival of Panama, home to many of the museums, and even Panama’s Presidential Palace.

Panama City and its surrounding neighborhoods are for all lifestyle options–Single businesspeople, wealthy socialites, middle-income families, and even those on a tight budget.

Panama City from Amador Causeway 

If it’s luxury high rise condos you desire, with private security, a social area (with a pool and tennis courts), just a block or two away from the banking district and one of the coolest nightspots in town…

If it’s close proximity to a synagogue, kosher dining, and a breezy, beautiful seaside park that appeals to you…

If you want to immerse yourself in local lifestyle, in a comfortable neighborhood where a two-bedroom house can be rented for $800 a month or less…

If you want to spend a little more and live in a large, luxury home near the city, but in a safe suburban area, perfect for raising a family…

We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you all about these lifestyle options in and around Panama City.

A nice day at the park in Punta Paitilla

We live here, and we’re doing this full time, just like you’re either already doing or have plans to do in the near future. So we’ll share with you all of our insider tips like how to keep in touch with family back home, how to enroll your children in Panama City schools, how to get a Panama driver’s license, and all other nuts & bolts information that will help you make a go of it in your new Central American home.

A bird’s eye view of Obarrio

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Below, you’ll find links to all of our “in or around Panama City” reports. Click on the links below to be taken directly to the corresponding report or video:

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5 Responsesso far.

  1. Stephanie M Rogers (LaCroix) says:

    Hello Chris & Family….

    Your new blog’s about WHAT TO EXPECT IN PANAMA (Like how to go about paying bills in Panama…as an example) is Fantastic. That is extremely helpful for those wanting to relocate there.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks so much. I know I’ve slowed down a bit lately, but I’ll definitely get back to blogging and get more info out there for everyone 🙂

      Thanks again,


  2. RANDY L. GRIFFIN says:

    Hey, I just want to say, I found your rporting camera work and commentary very helpful and well informed. I’ve been researching Panama for three years know and keeping abreast of new construction, and new gated communities, through Internation Living and YouTube video’s. However, you do a great job, you’ve shown me other area’s of Panama that I was curious about for a long-time. I plan on retiring there in seven years, but I’m coming to visit the DEC-Jan time frame. I’m originally from Miami, Florida born and raised, but I’ve been a Army service memeber for 26 years. Now I work for DOD and planning my retirement to Panama. I hope its everything I dreamed it will be, either way, I’m fully committed. Please continue your vids and information pieces, I love them. Sincerely, Randy G.

    • Chris says:

      Hi Randy,

      Thanks so much! I’m glad to hear that Panama is on your radar. I plan to keep covering areas, some maybe new to you, and some you’ve heard about before. By the time 7 years rolls around, you should know exactly where you wanna go, lol.

      Thanks again for checking out the website and for commenting.


  3. Jaime Toro says:

    Very interesting, thanks! My name is Jaime Toro, spanish teacher at

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