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Farm your own land or live in a charming, friendly neighborhood

Beaches can draw crowds, the city is often congested with traffic and construction noise, and high elevations bother some people. Maybe none of those options appeal to you.

If living in a small town with a plot of land, where you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, is your dream retirement lifestyle, look to the interior of the country, not high up in the hills and mountains, and not so close to the shore. Right along the Pan-American Highway, many towns that might be of interest are located with easy access.

Own a house with a big yard in a place like Chitre

Places like the sweet water walking town of Aguadulce, where locals go back and forth, mostly on foot or bicycle, never missing the chance to wave hello to a friend. This place reminded me of small town Oklahoma. It even has a small beach, although I wouldn’t quite call it a beach destination. 

Rio Hato, the town itself, sits along the highway, near all of the beach resorts like Playa Blanca and Hotel Decameron, but the people of this town keep to themselves. It’s a farmer’s paradise. When I visited, I was taken to a sugarcane ranch, a watermelon field, and even a shrimp farm. One friendly local took me into her backyard and showed me how she grows all of her produce right on her own land.

Walking my sister-in-law’s dog in David

Chitre has one of the nicest suburban areas I’ve seen in the interior of the country. It’s small town, old fashioned, but has modern ameneties that most interior towns do not. A three-story mall, a four-screen movie theater, a McDonald’s, KFC, and several large supermarkets make Chitre a great place to consider if you don’t want to deal with the hectic noise and traffic congestion of Panama City, but you’re not quite ready to be completely cut off from modern shopping and restaurants.

The Pan-American highway is filled with these small towns most people pass right by on their way to more popular haunts. For business savvy entreprenuers, having this one major highway that runs right through the country could present a wonderful opportunity to open a roadside family business.

Buy a large finca like this one in Las Tablas

Panama is a place that has a little something for everyone. So don’t just look to the city, the beaches, or the mountains. Come with us as we check out everything in between in our Other Locations section of the PFR Location Reports located in the menu above. Or you can click the links located at the bottom of this page. 

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